Mystic River Sunset Sail on the Argia

Views from the Mystic River Sunset Sail on the Argia

Summer may be winding down but that doesn’t mean fun on the water needs to end.  A Mystic River Sunset Sail on the Argia can provide a much-needed escape “into the Mystic” during your next visit.  The 81’ foot Schooner Sailboat, which docks just over the river from The Whaler’s Inn, has been a long-time fixture in the town.  Locals and tourists alike can be found sailing the river banks.

Our Trip

We sailed on a particularly beautiful evening on the Sunset Sail (6-Mystic River Sunset Sail on the Argia8pm).  Our crew, Nolan, Brendan, and Captain Eric greeted us on the dock ready to explore the shore.  The crew provided cheese, crackers, and lemonade, but you are welcome to bring on your own food and drinks.  We were running late (wasn’t my fault I promise) so our cooler was packed a little lighter than we would have liked.  In our arsenal was homemade shrimp cocktail, a few cans of beer from Beer’d Brewery and Fisher’s Island Lemonade, I just had to have a Fisher’s Island Lemonade while looking at Fisher’s Island, and Pringles (last minute grab at the gas station).  Others on board had the same idea but seemed to be a bit more prepared.Fisher's Island Lemonde with a view of Fisher's Island on the Mystic River Sunset Sail

After the safety speech, Nolan dazzled the crowd with tales of pirates, war, and stories of times gone by.  We learned the history of picturesque notable homes and islands.  We were all too shy to help hoist the sails but the opportunity is there for you more extroverted folks.  Being the more “relax and enjoy my glass of wine type”, I was more interested in doing just that while snapping some pics and learning about how the bootleggers got the booze to Mystic during prohibition.  So that’s exactly what I did.  The Mystic River sunset sail on the Argia was hands down, two of the most relaxing hours I’ve had in a long time.

The Facts

The Whaler's Inn Team on the Mystic River Sunset CruiseDuring your next trip to Mystic or day off, if you’re a local who just needs a few hours with the water beneath you, the Mystic River sunset sail on the Argia is a perfect choice.  Be sure to book your tickets by calling their office or on their website.  She only holds 49 people meaning very few cruises aren’t fully booked in advance.  The Argia also is a great choice for small weddings, groups, and teambuilding outings.  Our crew had a great day aboard at the start of this Summer season!

The sailing schooner Argia cruises from May 1st till Mid-October with four trips per day.  It’s the perfect way to complete your visit to Mystic and stay at The Whaler’s Inn.