Stores We Love – Salt Mystic

Our new blog series will concentrate on shopping in Mystic and the can’t miss stores that we love.  Each month we will be visiting the best and most unique stores in Downtown.  Be sure to send us your recommendations.  We’d love to hear about the stores that YOU love!

Salt Mystic  A lightly colored display candles, canvases, soaps, and baby clothes.

You know those stores that just become your go to?  Need a last-minute hostess gift, a greeting card on the way to the event, a little something to make yourself feel pretty – head to your “go-to”.  My new go-to is absolutely Salt Mystic.

Located on Holmes Street, literally just 500 feet from the Inn, Salt Mystic is owned and operated by local Patti Murphy.  Murphy moved her shop to the current Downtown Mystic location earlier this Summer after being at her location further down the street for two years.

There are a lot of things that Salt is doing right.  Too many to actually name Display of jewelry in wooden bowls. here, but for starters their social media is drool worthy. Patti’s Insta-stories have a way of calling your name and imagining yourself in that gorgeous yet simple necklace. Their collection is a collaboration between artists and dreamers.  Salt’s website states, “At Salt, we aspire to be a positive, high vibe place, that inspires the extraordinary in your life.” That aspiration has been achieved to the N’th degree.

During my last visit I was determined to by a little something for myself.  Being a new mom, it had been a while since I had purchased Baby onsie with the word Love Bugsomething shiny or even just taken minute to myself, just for me.  I admired the beautiful jewelry pieces, hand drawn inspirational wall signs, and sea salt candles.  Meandering through the store is a restorative experience on its own.  The muted colors, relaxing smells, and Patti’s calming nature alone felt like I had given myself a moment of piece that I was craving. Which is why I forgot all about myself when I saw the most adorable onsie! I know, I know I promised to buy something for me, but I just couldn’t resist.

Whether you are spending the day out with the girls for a Rose Sunday or need to bring your someone special by to drop hints for the next holiday gift, Salt Mystic is a must visit when shopping in Mystic.

The Details:

Salt is open 11:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday, 10:00-6:00 Saturday, and 10:00am-3:00pm on Sunday. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram, visit their website, and stop in the next time you are shopping in Mystic.