Ushering in the Holiday Season

4 women and one man pose in front a of a fireplace Holiday Traditions

A tradition that goes back as long as anyone here can remember, The Whaler’s Inn Lobby Luncheon, is our way of ushering in the holiday season.  Traditionally held at the end of December, we decided to start the party a little early this year!  On November 28th, the Whaler’s Inn team gathered in our lobby to share food, gifts, and many laughs.

You’d think 20 some years of potluck could get a bit repetitive but with such a diverse staff our potluck lunch is a culinary trip around the world.  From fresh Laotian Egg Rolls, homemade Flan, Swedish Meatballs, and good old-fashioned Mashed Potatoes, the buffet table was bursting with mouthwatering dishes.  Certain dishes are a Whaler’s
Inn holiday tradition, like Lawrence’s homemade Mac and Cheese and Joseph’s “Death in a Dish” dessert; both being served for over 14 years!

Who Steals the Bosses Gift?!?A christmas tree with gifts wrapped beneath it.

The real fun begins when the Yankee Swap gets started!  With a $10 limit, the New England holiday game lends to belly laughs and cut-throat gift stealing.  You’d think, in a workplace atmosphere, the last person to have their gift stolen would be the General Manager.  However, there were no niceties here and our poor GM, Amanda, had her gift stolen twice!

Ushering In the Holiday Season

The Whaler’s Inn team really is a family.  We are all blessed to come to work each day to such a warm atmosphere.  We hope that each and every one of our guests enjoys visiting with us as much as we love having you. So, as we are ushering in the Holiday Season here in Mystic, we would like to wish all of our valued guests and readers a very happy and safe Holiday Season!