Jellies, and Belugas, and Penguins, Oh My!


Jelly Fish at the Mystic AquariumA day at The Mystic Aquarium is a day of wonder for kids and adults alike.  A recent trip on a cloudy day meant us keeping our jackets on to stay warm while we visited the outdoor exhibits.  However, with a large indoor gallery, an indoor sea lion show, and the current dinosaur exhibit there was plenty to do indoors as well.  The first stop for us is always the Main Gallery and the first friends we visit are always the Jellies!  While getting stung by a jellyfish in the wild may not be on your bucket list, taking a few deep breaths and relaxing watching these magical creatures effortlessly float through the water should be!

Belugas!A beluga whale shows off for the camera.

The Belugas are by far the most popular exhibit on the map.  Their playful and curious nature lends to the best photo ops in the Aquarium.  Belugas, Juno, Kela & Natasha, love to tease their visitors oftentimes posing for photos and waving hello!  Also, a popular spot for wedding ceremonies, the Arctic Coast exhibit is known nationwide.  For diehard Beluga fans, add the Beluga Encounter, Paint with a Whale, or Whales Up Close to your visit.  Sure to be a memory maker, these additional options make getting up close and personal with these majestic creatures possible.

Penguins! Penguins swim at the Mystic Aquarium while a toddler looks on.

Full disclosure, the Penguins are my favorite (sorry Juno).  Luckily, they tend to be able to keep the attention of my 11-month-old son as well, meaning I get to spend the most time with these amazing creatures!  Above ground, see the African natives groom themselves, socialize, and enjoy feeding time.  Enter the exhibit’s underground area to watch the Penguins swim and play below the surface.  The Mystic Aquarium has two options to get to know these little buddies a bit more.  The Penguin Encounter and Penguins Up Close, offer visitors a chance to meet a Penguin and learn more about their care (additional charges apply).

Dinosaurs? Jurassic exhibit at the Mystic Aquarium

While not usually associated with the ocean, for most kids dinosaurs and sharks go hand in hand (or at least make the same noise).  Mystic Aquarium has done every visiting mother a service by creating an attraction that combines the two!  Jurassic Adventure brings these creatures back to life with 12 animatronic dinosaurs.  Dino’s lurk around every corner in this indoor exhibit created to make your leap with anticipation!

The Facts

With a 4-D movie theater, Sea Lion Show, and Sting Ray feeding pool, the Mystic Aquarium offers hours of adventure for locals and tourists.  Guests of The Whaler’s Inn are able to purchase discounted tickets at the front desk!  We have also created a wonderful Summer Package that includes both Aquarium Tickets and sail on the Schooner Argia.