A Day at The Velvet Mill in The Stonington Borough

Open year-round, The Velvet Mill on Bayview Ave in Stonington, is a great stop regardless of the outside temperature.   However, on a particularly blustery Sunday we decided “A Day at the Velvet Mill in the Stonington Borough” was just what we needed to warm up.  I had heard about a new shop named “Indigo Elephant” and we needed a growler refill so off to the Borough we went.

History of The Velvet MillHistory of The Velvet Mill

Located just a 10-minute drive from Downtown Mystic, Stonington Borough’s popular Velvet Mill was built to develop the new industry in 1888.  Originally starting with just 25 looms the mill eventually began operating 300 looms with 445 employees by the mid-1900’s.  Approximately 10 years ago a group of local artists moved into the then abandoned mill.  Since then the property has become home to artists, eateries, retail stores, and local events.

Shopping at The Velvet MillShopping at The Velvet Mill

Having been to the Mill on multiple occasions, I usually hit up all the same spots.  But this
being a more exploratory adventure (and to kill time from not going to back outside into the freezing wind) we spent a bit more time to meander through the historic halls this time around.  Honestly, I had absolutely no idea just how many amazing small businesses were dotting this expansive building.  From handcrafted soaps and artisanal cheeses to fashion accessories and fine art, the Velvet Mill’s artisans and retail shops provide the perfect gift or souvenir you’ve been scouring for.

Dining at The Velvet MillDining at The Velvet Mill

After a little shopping, we headed to lunch at The Velvet Vine.  I warmed up with some nachos and a bowl of tomato bisque to die for!  My dining company decided on the pickled egg flight.  This dish may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like pickled eggs it’s a wonder for the taste buds.  Next was a grilled crueler donut with brie, which was just as amazing as it sounds.  The service was outstanding and the atmosphere distinctive and comfortable.  We will definitely be back to tempt ourselves with more of their unique offerings.

Drinking at The Velvet MillDrinking at The Velvet Mill

So back to that growler refill….Next stop was Beer’d Brewing.  This year is Beer’d 5-year anniversary.  The Whaler’s Inn is honored to be partnering up with Beer’d for a great package this November.  Aaron, Precious, and team have created a real gem at Beer’d.  While you can find a majority of their beers at local Mystic establishments, nothing beats a fresh full growler to take home.  My favorite is Dogs and Boats followed closely by Frank & Berry.  Both pack a bit of a punch with over 9% ABV. If you are looking for something a bit lighter Whisker’d Wit is a great option as well.

Dessert at The Velvet Mill

After getting a full growler we were itching to get home and pour a couple of pints.  But one last stop was in order.  Zest Fresh Pastry, with their mouthwatering desserts, is alone worth the trip to the Velvet Mill.  I chose the carrot cake (I like to pretend I’m being healthy because there are carrots in it).  We at this too quickly to get a photo! The cream cheese frosting is so good you’ll want a bowl full of just that.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see that option on the menu.

The Velvet Mill
We found some whales at The Velvet Mill!



Be it a blustery November Day, a hot Summer afternoon, or simply any day that ends in “Y”, “A Day at The Velvet Mill in the Stonington Borough” will offer something for everyone.  We’ve only touched on 1/16 of what the mill has to offer, so we’ll be back for another visit soon.  Don’t forget to ask about our “Bascule Brews” package when booking your November stay online or by calling 860-536-1506!