Supporting our Local Community with Churros and Hot Chocolate

Supporting our Local Community via Stonington Feeds Stonington

Last December, The Shipwright’s Daughter, located at The Whaler’s Inn, partnered with “Stonington Feeds Stonington” to assist the local community amidst the pandemic. This laudable group buys gift cards from nearby restaurants and allocates them to underprivileged families through Stonington Human Services.

How Serving Up Churros & Hot Chocolate is Supporting our Local Communityman wearing a face mask while supporting our local community and serving hot chocolate outside in in stonington, ct.

“Churros & Hot Chocolate” is just one example of the events organized by the group. They have raised over $38,000. They purchased gift cards from more than 30 restaurants, providing more than 3,700 meals to our local residents.

Chef David Standridge and his team at The Shipwright’s Daughter organized a fundraiser to purchase restaurant gift cards for area restaurant employees to support this noble mission.

How this Event Supports Local

The chef and his crew sold “Hot Chocolate and Fresh Churros” and collected donations from the community, raising more than $1,000 to support industry colleagues affected by the pandemic. The restaurant sector, heavily reliant on tips, has suffered a significant reduction in customer numbers and work hours.

PJackie Johnson serves hot chocolate during the Churros and Hot Chocolate fundraiser in stonington, ct while supporting our local communityartnering with Stonington Feeds Stonington was a privilege for The Shipwright’s Daughter team, as they were grateful to give back to the industry and community that had welcomed them warmly.

How You Can Support this Mission

For more information or to learn how you can help, visit Stonington Feeds Stonington online.